Ratcliff Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Jess & Andrew are a beautifully in love couple. They're young, happy, and pure. Andrew's hands tell me he's no stranger to hard work, and neither is Jess. When they asked me to shoot their wedding later this year, I jumped at the chance! As part of their package, I included an engagement shoot. They chose The Hitchin' Barn in Ratcliff, Arkansas as their location for both the engagement and wedding! It's a pretty new venue, but they've got some pretty creative options going on! The barn itself is beautiful, with nice views of the Ouachita Mountains out back. What really stood out to me was the converted chicken house that now serves as a reception venue. Very creative.

I'd never consider myself a Ratcliff, Arkansas wedding photographer, but with this new venue, things might change.

Isn't Ratcliff a hilarious name for a town? Rat-cliff. Boy, I hope nobody from there actually reads these blogs.

Anyway, on to the images:

Hitchin' Barn Wedding Photographer

Jess & Andrew will be married October 14th of this year. I can't wait!